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Dryer Gets GROC Grooming

As the winter approaches and the trail riding season for most of us nears its end, it seems fitting to summarize the GROC Trail Crew work done this past year at Dryer Road Park. So much has been accomplished.

It started actually last fall and winter by us walking all the trails and taking an inventory to be able to plan some key reroutes, signage and other improvements. Some flagging was needed even months before the spring would arrive. Then, when the weather broke this spring we held nearly weekly work parties, each to focus on one or two projects that could be completed in two to four hours.

Total Number of Volunteer Hours (so far) = 550.5


  • Reroute of Kasha
  • Two reroutes of Epping Forest
  • Total reroute of pathway from parking lot through the field up to the beginning of the trails; repair of erosion of previous entrance
  • Reroute of Den trail and reconstructed first drop
  • Reroute of South by Southwest trail
  • New loop on Helix
  • Reroute of Bones
  • Repair of Owl’s Maze and short alternate route
  • Skills area—repair of wooden structures, filled in sunken ground around tire features, major “grooming” of weeds on banks and around riding areas
  • Reroute of Jake’s
  • Many new signs with improved visibility and sign posts
  • Repair of Elevator
  • Reroute of Ziggy
  • Repair Ladder
  • Prune In June of all trails
  • Leaf removal on all trails

It has been a great pleasure to see what was accomplished by our many dedicated volunteers to whom we all should be grateful. As extensive as is the above list of completed projects, there is much more that can be done to improve and enhance the riding experience at this wonderful venue. We look forward to next year to continue to make improvements. Also, there will always be the need to perform maintenance of existing trails. We hope that in addition to the current folks who have given of themselves unselfishly, that many new people will become volunteers to work on the trails with us.

We also thank Brian Emelson, Victor Parks and Recreation Department Director for his vision of having mountain biking at this park and his unwavering support of our efforts.


Mary Lee and Mark Rosenzweig, Project Managers




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