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4th Annual Pick Up The Parks - Saturday, April 13, 2013

We have had some great work done by volunteers over the last month. The 4th Annual Pick Up The Parks saw over 600 volunteers in our parks, collecting over 16,000 pounds of junk and trash that was hauled out ofseveral Monroe County parks. GROC was the site host for Tryon Park and although Tryon is kept very clean, we had 33 volunteers join in to pick up garbage. We had a group working along the highway which always has a lot of trash, another group went down to remove a make shift camp along Irondequoit Creek whose visitors were a nuisance to kayakers and paddlers in the creek. I guess these guys were swimming in the creek and being rather unsavory. Another group did some much needed graffiti removal in Tryon parking lot. Dave really liked his name because he had spray painted it all over everything. Special thanks to Mark Dunn for trying to sand and then decision to paint the wooden guard rails. Tryon is looking good and the effort of the community has all our parks looking good.

On a side note : Ellison Park was under water at the time of the event for Pick up the Parks. Full Moon Vista took it upon themselves to go out with there workers and friends and pick up in Ellison after the water subsided. They gathered 240 lbs of trash. An interesting tidbit- from their collection over by the dog park, they picked up 60 empty fifth bottles of "Canadian Leaf" whisky.

West Bay, Tryon, and Dryer Road Park have all had Trail Crew work parties over the last month as well. Some great projects were tackled, like repairing the bridge in West Bay located on the Green trail, the Epping Forrest reroute at Dryer Road and dealing with some big tree issues in Tryon Park. Their will be many more opportunities for those who want to hep out on the trails. Just join onto the GROC Trail Crew meetup group (it's free) and you can keep up to date on the work being done at Dryer Road, Tryon, West Bay, and in Ontario County Park.

Thanks again to all the volunteers!!!




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