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Recap of 2011 Volunteer Awards / Membership Event

We had a great event last month celebrating our volunteers and supporters for 2011. We wanted to take the time to not only thank the over 120 volunteers but recognize some individual efforts by those who have gone above and beyond in helping brig to life allot of new trails and supporting our sport in may ways.

Did you know:

  • GROC had recorded over 7,778 Hours of volunteer time in the last 4 years (this is definitely under reported)
  • The Volunteer tie that you have put in has a real value of over $105,552 ( Based on Corporation for National and Community Service)

Take a look at the presentation of what has been accomplished in the last few years

We recognized individuals by the park they have been most passionate about, and this is exactly what we need to help keep these parks in great shape. Individuals who want to be a steward of the parks they love and ride.

We also recognized the individuals we have been working with from the County Parks Department wo were in attendance and reported that things are going very well with the Pilot Program:

  • Dave Renaldo
  • Mark Quinn

who have been so supportive of and really done an amazing job with Tryon and West bay and working with us to make the Pilot Program possible. Special thanks to them for all the work they do in our parks.

The following were the individuals that we wanted to recognize for their outstanding efforts:

Special Projects and outstanding GROC support

  • Dawn Gunn (Outstanding Achievement)
  • Steve Drawe (Outstanding Achievement)
  • Heidi Jensen
  • Mark Stoll
  • Dave Whitehouse
  • Craig Pratt (Webster Trails)


Dryer Road Park

  • Mary Ellen Meleca (Outstanding Achievement)
  • John Vyverberg
  • Shawn Wyjad
  • Manny Lopes
  • Victor Gasbar
  • Kirk Bingaman
  • Drew Devereaux
  • Joe Harding
  • Ward Melville
  • Lisa Gaspar
  • Barb Rosenberg
  • Chris Graziano
  • Bob Ledgerwood
  • Shannon Pattison

Tryon Park

  • Doug Crane (Outstanding Achievement)
  • Ryan Esse
  • Eric Dupont
  • Zach Potter

West Bay

  • Forge Racing
  • Barb Roos

Ontario County Park

  • Peter Landre (Outstanding Achievement)
  • Bruce Hayward
  • Mark Swartout
  • Greg Radak



If you would like to make a donation directly to GROC please feel free to contact us directly
or use our PayPal donation option:

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