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Dryer Road Park Victor NY

Dryer Recreational Park in Victor NY  

Dryer Road Park has many amenities, Soccer fields, Playground, Bathrooms, Water, and lots of mountain biking fun. The park has 10+ miles of single track as well has a skills area that has two pump tracks, several jump lines, and a skills area with raised board walks and fun obstacles. This is the only park in the area with something for everyone. Bring your kids and lets them have fun down in the field  or play on the playground, or even get up into the woods and rip-up some single track.

Trail Map (PDF)

    Beginner / Intermediate        
Marker Name Length One Way Collector  
A A-Train  .31Mi Up    
G Gully  .20Mi      
K Kaleidoscope  .27Mi      
X X-Country Loops Up/Low        
BL Betty Loop        
H Helix        
   Eye of Snake        

Marker Name Length One Way Collector  
B Bones  .20Mi      
BA Bone-A-Part      
E Elevator  .22Mi  Up    
F Fort Hill Trail    Up Sec.    
I I-Pod        
L Ladder    Up    
M Moon Valley  .37Mi  Up Sec.  Yes
O Owls' Maze  .84Mi    
S South by Southwest  .62Mi    Yes  
T Treebeard  .22Mi    
V VB Trail  .23Mi      
W Westworld  .11Mi      
Z Ziggy  .61Mi    Yes  
EF Epping Forest   .61Mi      
CL Chutes n Ladders  .75Mi    
AB Alpha Betty      

Marker Name Length One Way Collector
C CMP(Check my Pants)  .28Mi Down  
D Den  .40Mi Down  
H Humpty Dumpty Downhill  .18Mi Down  
J Jakes Run  .34Mi Down    
P Pinball  .43Mi Down  
R Ribbon Candy  .32Mi Down  
BW  Black Widow   Down  
JB Juicy Bacon  1Mi Down  

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written by Zach, March 03, 2011
Hey I know this is kind of early but does anyone know when the trails will open this year?
How are conditions
written by ryanf, June 11, 2010
thinking of taking a trip to dryer from Buffalo this weekend. with all the rain we've had out here how are the trails at dryer? worth the trip this weekend?
Looking to intereview bikers who bike in Victor, Dryer Park
written by Stacy Gittleman, April 12, 2010
Hi, I'm the southeast source columnist for the D&C and want to write a column on mountain biking in Victor, Canandaigua. how are the trails this year? Are you worried that Albany budget cuts will impact your trails? If you have any issues you want me to report on about biking, get in touch!
When does Dryer open for riding in Spring?
written by Emily, January 28, 2010
What is the average date?
wet today?
written by Kevin Long, November 01, 2009
How are the trails today? Slippery and leaf covered no doubts?
Trail condis
written by Kevin Long, April 12, 2009
Yupper, the trails wuz rockin'!!

Three of us hit it today, and they wuz in goooood shapers! Even saw some bike patrol cats out sawing away @ the debris...good fellas they are.

Tru dat!
written by Kevin Long, April 11, 2009
The Tryon guys were out riding Dryer per their forum, so we're good to go!
J Baker
Trails still closed
written by ProFlex, March 17, 2009
I stopped by today and the signs were still up saying all the trails are closed, and all the trail heads were taped off. I walked around a bit and it was definitely still muddy up there.
Trails are open, but do not recommend riding yet
written by jon, March 15, 2009
Please consider the trail damage before you go out and ride. It will be some time before these trails are ready, they need time to fully dry out

written by Dcan, March 15, 2009
Anyone know if the trails are open yet?
Trails Will Open
written by jbrown, March 06, 2009
The trails will open once they have had time to unfreeze and Dry Out. This is one of the worst time of year for Trail damage. Muddy on Top frozen underneath. We don’t want to have huge ruts and gauges all over the trails. We all want to ride so please be patient the weather will be the determining factor.

Thanks GROC
open trails yet?
written by Nicole Jabaut, March 06, 2009
When are these trails going to open for the 2009 season?!
response to the den
written by blueday, May 13, 2008
Well the only way I found helpful is if you ride high up to the turn then straighten out and get enough momentum to get down the logs without hitting your cranks because of having to pedal. And make sure to duck at the last part =) Hope this helps.
david song
the den
written by dasong, April 24, 2008
to me, one of the most intimidating sections of the park is the nefarious log section of the den. does anyone have any tips on how to ride it? is it easier than it looks? i can ride cmp and humpty no problem, but those logs look pretty daunting.

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