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IMBA has determined that the current Chapter Program is not economically viable and must be restructured. The reason for this is the loss of Subaru as a sponsor and the very poor chapter retention rate of 51%. Though not all the details are known, the retention rate is most likely due to the 60/40 revenue sharing split in which IMBA receives 60% of membership dues and the chapters receive 40%. For the 60%, IMBA provides numerous services to chapters that help them operate, provide advocacy support at a local level, and representation at the state and federal levels.

For GROC this has been a good partnership, and sharing memberships with IMBA has been a win-win. However, the recent revisions to the Chapter Program needed to make it sustainable may not be in our best interest. The GROC board have been discussing the pros and cons of this newly proposed setup and we want our members to be informed of the situation, to ask questions if you have them, and provide feedback before we make a decision to stick with the program or leave and go our own way.

GROC has relied on IMBA in several key ways. First, IMBA as a professional advocacy organization, has given GROC credibility with local land managers and County/Town officials. Second, they have provided us with membership services which handle all of our membership data, money transactions, communications revolving around membership, and the use of an online membership database which we use for online communications. Third, we have access to a Regional Director who is there to provide support in a wide variety of areas from advocacy to non-profit legalities. For our Chapter, this is what 60% of our membership dues pay for. This roughly equates to $4000 - $5000 per year. Of the 40% that we get, about half goes to paying for our insurance, and the other half pays for tools, materials for trail work, awards, communication expenses, legal expenses, and miscellaneous items associated with events and meetings.

Under the new chapter program IMBA will retain the 60/40 revenue sharing model, increase the base membership fee from $35 to $49, replace Regional Directors with Subject Matter Specialists, and will update membership services software.

Of concern to us is the increased membership fee and how much we are spending for membership services. After some initial research, we now know that these services can be found elsewhere for much cheaper. The catch is that GROC would have to find a “membership coordinator,” a position which may require a stipend in order to make it feasible.

All that said, if we do decide to leave the Chapter Program, GROC will still continue to support IMBA by becoming a supporting organization. This arrangement would cost $500 per year, keep us connected to IMBA to help support the advocacy work they do at the state and national levels, and keep the door open if we ever needed the occasional fee based service/expertise. Under this setup, we would also encourage our membership to join IMBA, separately.

It is also worth noting that GROC does not deem IMBA to be in opposition to our organizational mission or our goals at this time. The decision we are faced with is based on wise use of finances and what will be best for the local riding community.

Finally, for those members considering whether to renew their memberships, we would encourage you to do so if you wish to continue to support IMBA and their efforts. However, if you are only concerned with supporting GROC specifically, we would advise you to hold off on your renewal until further notice. We will be making a decision on this matter in approximately 2 weeks.

Please feel free to contact us with questions and feedback at


Jeff Wright
GROC President

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Volunteer Recognition: Paul Knerr  

GROC would like to thank Paul Knerr, a die-hard trail worker, for all the time and effort he has put into building and maintaining trail this year. Paul does a lot of work at OCP, but is also a regular in the other 3 parks GROC stewards. He has also been a consistent face on the Trails Committee, offering his support and perspective on all things trail related and acting as a right hand man for Peter Landre, Park Manager of Ontario County Park. Paul has received awards from GROC in the past for his great work, but he is truly a volunteer that is vital to our organization’s mission. So, next time you’re out riding, thank Paul, because whatever trail you’re enjoying, his hands have most likely worked on it in some way!

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December 2016 Volunteer Updates

GROC Advocacy at Work: Connector Trail Update

GROC recently met with a panel of County and Town officials to present the proposal for the Tryon / Bay Park West Connector Trail. The meeting was very productive, with many questions revolving around the placement of the trail in relation to private property, as well as other questions related to concerns residents have expressed to the County. GROC was able to answer all the panel’s questions, and also offered up possible solutions to most concerns. We left the meeting with an action plan that will move the approval process forward and should result in the proposal being brought to the Monroe County Parks Advisory Committee sometime this winter. We will continue to provide updates as more details develop.

2017 Board Position Openings

The 2016 Board of Directors did an awesome job last year carrying out GROC’s mission with new projects and events that helped meet the needs and wants of our membership. As GROC professionalized its operations, increased project capacity, created opportunities and celebrated achievements, support from the greater mtb community grew!

Moving into the 2017 season, we have a few board position openings. Specifically, GROC is in need of an Events Chairperson, and a few Members at Large. Below are position details. Please note that these are one-year terms and no experience is necessary. If you are interested in giving back to the mtb community and want to have a part in guiding and directing GROC, contact us at!

Events Chairperson:

·         Attend monthly Board meetings from Oct. – May. (usually held late Sunday afternoons)
·         Provide feedback and direction on GROC issues at Board meetings
·         Oversee events (last year we had 7 events and most have been modeled in such a way as to make them easily repeatable in 2017)
·         Delegate volunteers and Board members to event jobs
·         Coordinate with the Communications Committee to provide info to publicize events 

Members at Large: 4 positions available

·         Attend monthly Board meetings from Oct. – May. (usually held late Sunday afternoons)
·         Provide feedback and direction on GROC issues at Board meetings
·         Provide assistance with events or special projects if available

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GROC Annual Member Meeting & Party It’s that time again for GROC to host it's annual Member Meeting. We would like to invite our members and all trail work volunteers to come out for some pizza and beer and hear about all the latest and greatest news from GROC. During the meeting we plan to…

· Vote on the new GROC board

· Provide information about committee opportunities within GROC

· Get updated info on our trail systems

· Hear about new projects for 2017

· Honor some very dedicated volunteers from the 2016 season!

Saturday, January 21st, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Ellison Park - Pavilion Lodge

***Please RSVP if you plan to attend so we plan for food and drink***

 Mark your calendars, we hope to see you there!

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State of GROC 2016 - Spring Kickoff Dear Members,

I wanted to touch base with everyone to fill you in on the latest happenings with GROC. Since the beginning of the New Year, things have been moving and shaking in our leadership / volunteer ranks and out in our community. Let me start off by telling you about our reorganization efforts.

As many of you know we hosted a volunteer meeting back in Feb. to recruit new volunteers into various areas of GROC. This meeting, as well as volunteer info we collected from our Jan. survey, produced many new volunteers that have now founds places on our committees. And, I’m happy to report that all the positions we identified for our Communications Committee have been filled, our Trails Committee is staffed and also has many new contributors from the downhill community. We found new volunteers for the National Mountain Bike Patrol, and we’re looking forward to training lots of new trail crew once this weather begins to cooperate!

Another area we have focused on is our operations. We have spent a good amount of time on producing a variety of documents designed to clarify job positions within GROC, as well as guidelines that will help us function more effectively now and into the future. We also have been examining our practices & procedures from a liability perspective to ensure GROC and our volunteers continue to operate safely and without incident. And finally, we developed an evaluation system for assessing potential properties we are offered to build trails on…not all are suitable for shared use trails, so we needed a system to identify the good candidates.

From a membership perspective, we decided that we wanted to be more transparent and improve our communications. So, we made it a priority to consistently post meeting minutes on our website, and have also developed a communications plan that will utilize a variety of platforms: social media posts, newsletters, emails, and videos. We are even working towards producing articles that we hope our membership will not only enjoy, but will also find informative. And, in keeping with the idea of transparency, we want to share with our membership how their dollars are spent so, while I have your attention, let me tell you about that.

First off, you need to know that being an IMBA chapter means they are responsible for handling our membership transactions and information. For this, and some other services they provide for us, they get 60% of your membership fee. Of the remaining 40% we get, half of it goes to covering our insurance costs. That generally leaves us with a few thousand dollars to pay for event expenses, volunteer awards, and tools. Most of our building materials are provided by the Towns / Counties we partner with. We have comfortably operated within this budget for many years, but rarely have any excess. Looking to the future, if GROC and our membership wish to take on new projects – new trail networks, bike parks etc. - we are going to need more paying members, and this has been on our radar too!

Speaking of looking to the future, we have some cool stuff in the works I’d like to share with you…some of you may have heard that we are looking at new areas for trail development, and that’s true. We recently walked through Greece Canal Park, and several Chili properties. Most of these properties are not well suited for trails, but we are still in talks with Chili about one undeveloped property that has some promise. We will get back to you on this once we have more info. We have also walked a 300 acre property in Sodus, and though it is quite a way out there, this property has potential too. We are currently waiting to do a second walk through to assess the area when it is dry. We expect that a decision about whether we take this project on or not will come by the end of spring.

Another potential project that is in the very early stages of development is the construction of a new bike park at Dryer Road. Many of the details of this project are still up in the air, but we have spoken with Brian Emelson, Victor’s Parks and Rec. Supervisor, about our ideas and have been given a green light to put together a formal proposal for the project. The board will be voting on whether to proceed with creating this proposal at the end of this week. However, everyone should know that putting together a proposal does not mean the bike park is a done deal. If it is to move forward, A LOT of work will need to be done on our part, and we will absolutely need your support. We’ll be sure to keep everyone in the loop as things develop!

And last but not least, we are planning to have co-sponsored trail work days once a month with some of the local bike shops. We are still working on the details, but these work days would be fun filled, work, ride, eat events that we hope will bring the mtb community together, not only to get some trail work done, but also to enjoy the great trail networks we have built!

Looking back over the past 4 months we have accomplished a significant amount. I’m really proud of the progress the organization has made and know it was only possible with the work of our dedicated volunteers. THANK YOU to all that have recently stepped up to fill areas of need, and for the die-hards among us that have kept, and continue to keep, the GROC torch burning. I’m excited for the future of this organization, and mountain biking in our community. Let’s continue to envision what we want it to be and make it happen!

See you on the trails,

Jeff Wright


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Survey Results Hello GROC members & fellow riders,

We wanted to say thanks for taking our survey and for sharing your thoughts. We value your feedback and opinions! For those of you that are interested, I have enclosed the results of the survey which was completed by over 150 people (from the member meeting & online). A few things we learned and intend to work on are signage at Tryon Park, developing more advanced level trails and/or include more technical lines & features on existing trails. From comments that were included on the surveys we also learned that many people are looking for more riding destinations, want to see areas that contain jump lines and other bike park type features, as well as riding options for beginners, and additional places where fat bikes can be ridden in the winter (we have been hearing this on some surveys, but also on social media).

GROC intends to follow through on all of these suggestions, and for some of them, conversations / brainstorming is already underway. We are excited about taking on these projects, but as you know, everything we do is accomplished by volunteers. So, we need your help! Please contact us at if you're not currently a volunteer to find out how you can help.



Jeff Wright
Genesee Regional Off-Road Cyclists

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Winter Riding & Trail Abuse There are more winter riders than ever due to the popularity of Fat Bikes and warm El Niño winters in the Northeast, but we must be mindful of the harm that can be done to the trails that we’ve spent so much time to create during the summer.

Yeah it’s winter and that doesn't mean you have to stop riding. Actually once ground frost takes place and it stays cold it is less harmful to a trail than soggy fall or spring riding. Please help take care of our trails and spread the word!

Winter Riding Tips:

  • Ride when the trail is frozen - go early if it is going to warm up.
  • If it is cold and frozen the trail is "dry".
  • If it is wet at the trailhead it will most likely be wet on the trail, let it freeze and try it another day.
  • Stay off thawed trails it takes a toll on the surface.
  • Avoid wet areas, get off and carry you bike, ruts ruin trails.
  • Roots, leaves, ice, snow packed trails…be careful!
  • Dress appropriately, stay warm and layer.
  • Cycling speeds increase wind chill, i.e. frostbite on exposed skin
  • Exposed metal on skin can cause frostbite, watches, key chains, jewelry
  • Bring a cell phone
  • Your camelback and line might freeze. Try to keep it internal.
  • Keep your bike outside before you ride, warm bike = frozen parts.
  • After your ride if you bring the bike inside make sure it dries completely before you take it back outside.
  • Use winter lubricants and grease.
  • When the bike drifts sideways make small corrections rather than over steering.
  • Plastic parts freeze and become brittle, be kind to those parts


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GROC Member / Volunteer Party! Jan 8th

Thanks for all the support by our members and volunteers

We had a great night and had time to thank our members and recognize some of our outstanding volunteers.

GROC has a new board of directors and our 2016 trail planning has already started.

We are having an informational meeting on Feb. 20 @ 1pm in Hazelwood lodge of Ellison Park for anyone interested in learning more about volunteering with GROC. If you are unable to attend this meeting and would like more information about volunteering, please include your contact info below. Your email address will only be used for this specific purpose.


View the 2015 Year in Review  - Presentation






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2015 Spring Kick-Off Event Thanks Tyron Bike and for all those who joined in


The spring kick-off event was a good time thanks GROC members and volunteers for the support and work you have put in so far this season already.

Look for our next Pop-Up event 
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10 Years of Building and Maintaining Shared-use Trails

This year GROC turned 10 years old! Our contributions have been publicly recognized several times over the years for the positive impact on the community including awards for volunteer work from Genesee Valley Recreation and Park Society and the Rochester Parks Society. We also received an award from Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks for asset building in the community. We have received two proclamations from the Monroe County Legislature recognizing GROC's efforts in the community and the improvements to our local parks. The second proclamation was presented on 11/14/2014 by legislators Dan Quatro and Debbie Drawe at full meeting of the Monroe County Legislature.

This year we became an IMBA Chapter, one of only a few in this region. Being an IMBA Chapter provides GROC additional credibility and more opportunity to develop and maintain shared-use trails. Anthony Duncan, IMBA's Mid-Atlantic Regional Director spent a few days with us recently and helped present a sustainable trail building seminar at Ontario County Park. GROC contacted other trail organizations and local land managers and invited them to attend. Despite the cold weather and snow, we had a good number of participants join us for the event.


Where we have been?

A look back to where we started and a review of all the work and time invested by our volunteers really inspires us to continue our efforts. GROC can only exist with participation of the community. We have put a significant number of hours into our local parks over the last 10 years and have brought shared-use trails to Monroe County Parks for the very first time. The Ellison Parks Master Plan was the fight that changed the conversation and the trail work we have done since has proven that the off-road cycling community is a significant resource. GROC has contributed over $250,000 dollars in volunteer hours since 2008.

Check out this 2014 Year in Review for the stats and the value of what our volunteers have done since 2008:



Where can we go?

GROC has a tremendous amount of opportunity. There are 21 Monroe County Parks yet today only 2 are designated for shared-use. In order to begin the process of opening more parks, GROC needs to organize around the County's Master Plan process. There are three park master plans currently being developed. These include Webster Park, Mendon Ponds Park and Powder Mills Park. There have already been some public-input meetings and there will be more in the future. We would all love to see more parks open but trail access comes at a cost. The cost is in leaders and volunteers to build, maintain, and support the park for shared-use. We will need your help in order for GROC to organize an effort to open additional parks.

How can you help?

We all want to see more trails move to shared-use status but there is a lot of work that goes into developing, managing and maintaining trails. Before we can consider new trails, we need to be able to support and maintain the ones we have access to today. The quality of our trails has a direct impact on being able to open additional parks for off-road cycling. So what can you do? GROC needs more than just the volunteers who show up to trail work days. WE NEED LEADERS. Leaders are GROC members who adopt a park they are interested in to take on the role of organizing volunteers for work parties and working with the land managers as GROC's representative.

If you live near a park where you would like to see trails opened for off-road cycling then please consider contacting GROC about becoming a Trail Crew Leader. Don't worry if you don't have much experience. We can help and train you. We are looking for those who love their local park and want to see it open for shared-use.

Thank you to all the volunteers and Trail Crew Leaders who have been keeping our current shared-use parks in great shape.

Dryer Road Park - Mark and Mary Lee Rosenzweig

West Bay Park - Adam Reitz

Ontario County Park - Pete Landre

Tryon Park - Mark Dunn

Please visit the Trail Crew Meetup website to join Trail Crew or to contact me or any of the Trail Crew Leaders:

Thank you again for a great year!


Jonathan Brown
President GROC


Check out this 10 year video timeline

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