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Trail Crew Events

Dryer Road Park Update

We are well into a new and great season for the shared use trails at Dryer Road Park in Victor. The trails are riding very well in general and we have been out with multiple work parties, building new trails and fixing others.

Breaking it down:

  • KIOSK- Brian Emelson and the crew at Parks and Rec have built a beautiful new kiosk with multiple windowed sections backed with cork board and hung wipe boards, allowing us to keep visitors informed about Random Postings, Upcoming Events and Work Parties, Trail Conditions, etc.
  • SIGNAGE- Mary Lee keeps creating hand made trail signs
  • WINTER DAMAGE REPAIR- some folks couldn't avoid riding when the trails were still wet and soft. Most of the damage has been repaired. We had to bring in a front loader with dirt and acres of volunteers to fill in the low spots on the path in the lower field near the parking lot, and we made some new grade reversals, too.
  • NEW TRAILS- with 37 volunteers on one work party, including an Eagle Scout candidate and his troop, as well as many GROC members, we made 2 new, short trails, one extending Tree Beard to Victor Hiking Trail (VHT) and the other bringing VHT itself into the woods and merging with the newTree Beard extension.
  • VHT REFURB- we are well into a multistage, multi-day project fixing a badly eroded trail. We have used various construction techniques to create grade reversals to improve drainage. This is the Rte 490 of Dryer Road which gets the most wear and its substance has been that of a large sandbox
  • TRAIL CLOSURES- for the time being, and until these trails can be made safer and sustainable, both Humpty Dumpty and CMP were taken off line.

FUTURE PLANS- Soon, we will have our annual Prune in June work party, to keep the trails passable. We have flagged one possible new trail and at least one reroute. We will try to get something worked out in the Humpty/CMP area that will be fun, safe and sustainable. Not sure how soon.

Please, join GROC Trail Crew and watch for future work parties that you can join.

Mark Rosenzweig


Extension of Tree Beard and VHT - Dryer Rd Park - Trail Crew - May 17th, 2014

GROC Trail Crew has been busy at Dryer Rd Park! A big crew worked early morning May 17th 2014 to build new extensions on Tree Beard and Victor Hiking Trail up at the top of the hill.


Trail Work Area Map

The new trails extend Victor Hiking Trail and Tree Beard to meet near the trailhead at the field. The new trail features a log crossing and some nice sweeping turns.



Extension of Treebeard looking towards field.

Extension of Victor Hiking Trail

The Crew at work - Photo Credit: Scott Makai

Photo Credit: Scott Makai



Small changes to trails like this are how the Trail Crew continuously improves the trails in our region. Keep an eye out for new trail work events focusing on fixing up the Pump Track, CMP, Humpty Dumpty, and other trails!




17 8:30a-10:30a 51 Person-Hours

Thanks to all the volunteers that came out and helped!


Posted by EBB 2014-06-16


GROC Supporting Local Parks Day

Pick Up The Parks Event

Monroe County Department of Parks, along with many local recreation and environmental groups for “Pick Up the Parks.” This event is designed to foster stewardship of our 21 parks and 12,000 acres within. We are all stewards of the great outdoors, so we encourage you to do your part to keep our parks, our waterways, and watersheds clean and green.

Pick up the parks has been running for 5 years and GROC has been part of the planning and participation every year.

This year we were charged with Tryon Park. Although GROC volunteers keep the park in great shape all year round there is always more that can get cleaned up. This year we also had some of there Trail Crew doing some trails work and many of the volunteers worked on cleaning debris and leafs off the trails.

Thanks to the more than 25 individuals who joined in the Tryon clean up and the 100's of other volunteers who cleaned up the other 21 other wonderful Monroe County Parks.

3.25 tons of waste collected (6,500 pounds) of which 1.3 tons (36%) of it was salvageable for recycling (tires, metal, glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, etc.)


Jonathan Brown


Recap of 2011 Volunteer Awards / Membership Event

We had a great event last month celebrating our volunteers and supporters for 2011. We wanted to take the time to not only thank the over 120 volunteers but recognize some individual efforts by those who have gone above and beyond in helping brig to life allot of new trails and supporting our sport in may ways.

Did you know:

  • GROC had recorded over 7,778 Hours of volunteer time in the last 4 years (this is definitely under reported)
  • The Volunteer tie that you have put in has a real value of over $105,552 ( Based on Corporation for National and Community Service)

Take a look at the presentation of what has been accomplished in the last few years

We recognized individuals by the park they have been most passionate about, and this is exactly what we need to help keep these parks in great shape. Individuals who want to be a steward of the parks they love and ride.

We also recognized the individuals we have been working with from the County Parks Department wo were in attendance and reported that things are going very well with the Pilot Program:

  • Dave Renaldo
  • Mark Quinn

who have been so supportive of and really done an amazing job with Tryon and West bay and working with us to make the Pilot Program possible. Special thanks to them for all the work they do in our parks.

The following were the individuals that we wanted to recognize for their outstanding efforts:

Special Projects and outstanding GROC support

  • Dawn Gunn (Outstanding Achievement)
  • Steve Drawe (Outstanding Achievement)
  • Heidi Jensen
  • Mark Stoll
  • Dave Whitehouse
  • Craig Pratt (Webster Trails)


Dryer Road Park

  • Mary Ellen Meleca (Outstanding Achievement)
  • John Vyverberg
  • Shawn Wyjad
  • Manny Lopes
  • Victor Gasbar
  • Kirk Bingaman
  • Drew Devereaux
  • Joe Harding
  • Ward Melville
  • Lisa Gaspar
  • Barb Rosenberg
  • Chris Graziano
  • Bob Ledgerwood
  • Shannon Pattison

Tryon Park

  • Doug Crane (Outstanding Achievement)
  • Ryan Esse
  • Eric Dupont
  • Zach Potter

West Bay

  • Forge Racing
  • Barb Roos

Ontario County Park

  • Peter Landre (Outstanding Achievement)
  • Bruce Hayward
  • Mark Swartout
  • Greg Radak

Great Work Day at Dryer Road

Thanks for a Great First-of-Season Volunteer Workday

Much Accomplished on Workday, Sunday, April 17th Thanks to these 19 dedicated, hardworking volunteers, who worked so hard at Dryer Road Park this day.

Projects included:

  • Removing (finally!) the orange temporary plastic fencing and poles just above the parking area
  • Replacing it with two attractive split-rail fences to help direct folks going up to the riding trails
  • Removing branches and leaves from all the trails
  • Building new skinny feature in skills area, then landscaping around it to make the ”landing zone” safer and attractive

Special thanks to Jeremy and Dennis from the Town of Victor Parks and Recreation Dept. for their assistance and use of the Bobcat, at least until it tried to bury itself in the mud.

Those volunteers who generously gave of their time and effort for all our benefit


Victor Gaspar- trail chief
Lou Eichel- pump track foreman
Mary Lee & Mark Rosenzweig
Dawn Gunn
Frank Steiner
Pat Reynolds and Don Reynolds
Shone Rowley

Jon Cohen
Doug Rayburn
Seth Arnold
Kirk Bingaman
Steve Wowkowych
Aaron Caveglia
Kevin Esparza 

Matthew Esparza

Austin Esparza

Tyler Alden



We apologize to anyone whom we omitted to list here.
Please, let us know who you are and we will add it to this "honor roll". Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


What is your volunteer time worth?

As we all have been putting in our time and effort on these great new trails, I wanted to share with you what your time is worth to the county and our community. So far, in 2010 we have recorded over 1,600 volunteer hours and over 1, 355 GROC National Mountain Bike Patrol hours within our local parks. GROC helps manage and coordinate volunteer work days and a significant number are from our board / committee members at Dryer Road Park, Ontario County Park, Dryer Road, Ellison Park, Ganondagan, Ontario County Park, Stid Hill, Tryon Park, West Bay Park, Whiting Road, and YMCA Camp Arrowhead.

Our efforts in the last few months have been focused on the Ellison Park area and working with the Monroe County Parks Department to open the first legal shared-use mountain bike trails in Monroe County in Tryon and West Bay Park. This effort has been amazing with large numbers of volunteers coming out Saturday after Saturday to build about 5 miles of new trail in West Bay Park and make much needed repairs and re-routes in Tryon Park to create sustainable shared-use trails and improve the safety.

The best thing has been the involvement of people who live around the park coming out and getting involved. They are enjoying the new trails and are having a hand in building them. This kind of community involvement creates stewards of our local parks who will feel some ownership and pride in the trails they have helped build. This is exactly the reason that GROC has been fighting so hard to bring shared-use trails to our area. By opening our parks to a wider user group, while educating and practicing environmentally friendly trail building and safety practices we will have many more people out to take care of and enjoy our wonderful park lands.


So whats your time worth? According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, “Research Brief: Volunteering in America Research Highlights” (2010) NY, the average value of a volunteer hour is between $25 to $28 an hour, and the national average is $20.85. (

Doing the math GROC and its volunteers have have committed over $61,611.75 in 2010 to the Monroe County and surrounding parks.

With all of the cuts to programs and the need for volunteers in all areas, we are glad to see that our parks are getting support from the local community members. GROC's efforts combined with other like organizations are responsible for providing the much needed labor to maintain and manage these great public lands.

Thank you for all your efforts !!


Jonathan Brown (aka jb)
President GROC


Another Great Work Day at Bay Park West

We had 28 volunteers put in over 100 hours at the work day on October 2nd. We had 4 projects planned and managed to nearly complete them all.

Bridge Project
The bridge project was designed to go over a  culvert and ended up being  24 ft long and 4 ft wide. The project leaders on the bridge team designed and then bult a bridge that is not just functional, it is beautiful. The bridge follows the contour and is made from white oak rough cut lumber.  Anyone who hikes, rides, or runs over that bridge will take notice. Nice job by Frank Steiner, Zack Potter, Russ Wait, Frank DeLuca, Jimmy Wilke  and Peter Landre.

Board  Walk Projects
We had several board walk projects that bring you over large wet areas, this  project encompasses over 80 ft of board walk. This group was lead by Rick Williams and his GROC Trail Crew trainees.

New Trail Builds
We had 2 new trails that had been flagged and approved by the county. Adam Reitz and John Underhill lead 2 groups of volunteers who raked, cut and cleared these new trails. The Marc Gillespie  crew from Homewood lane risked life and limb to hand cut and clear logs as they were attacked by swarming hornets, but still they kept going.

We will be scheduling more work days to complete the trail system, as the goal is to have this new shared-use trail system open by the end of the month. The county will be putting in kiosks at the three main trail heads on Homewood Ln, Orchard Park Blvd., and Bay Front St.  Once the core trails are established, a marking system and maps will be created.

To Volunteer - Register

More Photos

Thanks to these volunteers!

Keith Buddendeck
Dawn Gunn
Jason Weber
Peter Landre
Adam Reitz
Carolyn Demko
Rick Williams
Jonathan Brown
Adrienne Gillespie
Eric Metzler Russ Wait
John Underhill
Gary Demko
Doug Crane

Jason Nudds
Marc Gillespie
Matt Rudnitsky
Sue Deacon
Douglas Pipech
Mary Lee
Kirk Bingaman
Mark Rosenzweig
Frank DeLuca
Steve Drawe Jimmy Wilke
Zack Potter
Mark Kukla

Well Done, Everyone!
Jonathan Brown
President GROC

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