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Gravel Armoring of Purple Trail - West Bay Park - Trail Crew - April 13th, 2014

This past weekend an industrious crew of Trail Crew members set out on the first major trail maintenance event of this riding season. Using crushed stone provided by Monroe County Parks, the purple trail entrance at the top of the hill on Orchard Park Blvd was reinforced.

Map of work area


This new cladding of the entrance trail completes the change to a more sustainable entrance that promotes proper drainage and prevents the erosion of the tread - something the original entrance trail did not succeed in doing.



Moving gravel down the trail with our train of wheelbarrows

Soft parts of the trail were covered in gravel

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In addition to being more sustainable, the new trail is also shaping up to be more fun! The first corner just off the entrance is now bermed and should prove a fun challenge at the high speeds you can achieve coming down off Orchard Park Blvd.


The new berm at the first corner


Some problematic wet spots further in on the purple trail have also had gravel added to keep them solid, and the existing raised berm on the 2nd corner was also reinforced.


Existing bermed corner reinforced


A rough video walkthrough of these new changes can be seen HERE!


This is just the first of what is sure to be many Trail Crew events to happen this riding season, so be sure to check out the Meetup page and check out what is coming up. Our next scheduled event is the 5th Annual Pick Up the Parks  to be held at Tryon Park on Saturday April 26th from 9 to Noon. This is a broader event held in all the Monroe County Parks, with GROC heading up the efforts at Tryon Park this year.


This post also marks the beginning of a new initiative we are trying here at GROC - to provide regular updates and a record of the efforts of the Trail Crew all through the year as they strive to make our parks great!




8 10a-Noon 16 Person-Hours

Thanks to all the volunteers that came out and helped!


Posted by EBB 2014-04-17




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