2019 Season Kick-off Party

Posted in Local Events by Admin on March 20, 2019

The 2019 Season Kick-off Party is April 13th from 6pm - 9pm at White House Lodge in Webster Park.

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Dryer Road Park Update

Posted in Local Trail News by Admin on March 16, 2019

 Dryer Road Pump Track Update

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2018 End of Season Party is January 12th!

Posted in Local Events by GROC on January 03, 2019

Just a reminder that our 2018 End of Season Party is this Saturday, January 12th, at 6:30pm at the Olmsted Lodge in Highland Park.

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Dryer Road Pump Track Closed for Winter

Posted in Local Trail News by Admin on December 05, 2018

The Dryer Road Pump Track is now officially closed for winter.  Keep an eye out for Spring 2019 opening information.  We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to the sponsors and volunteers who made this pump track happen!

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November Advocacy Alert!

Posted in Advocacy by Admin on November 05, 2018

Advocacy alert! There are three upcoming public meetings we are encouraging GROC members to show support at this November.

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Dryer Road Pump Track Is COMPLETE!

Posted in GROC News by Jeff on September 22, 2018

After months of construction, GROC has finished the new pump track at Dryer Road Park, and it is a work of dirt art! On 9/14 we had our first track jam and it was a hit with riders of all ages, from young to (kinda) old, there were tons of smiles!

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GROC Little Rippers Youth Group Ride

by GROC on May 28, 2018

Little Rippers are rolling into GROC!

We're stoked to announce the start of GROC's Little Rippers group rides. The Little Rippers are a group of 7+ year old kids in the area who have been getting together to ride MTB's once a week for the last couple years. We've been having a great time out on the local trails watching the kids get better and more confident every week. Starting on June 12 the ride is going to be open to everyone!

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2018 Membership Drive - Support Local Trails!

by GROC on April 03, 2018

Our organization is supported through amazing volunteers, corporate sponsorships, and  financial contributions from generous donations and membership dollars.  Each year we have a membership drive we are reminded just how important our members are to the work we do. From a financial perspective, the money generated from membership allows GROC to cover its operating expenses.  From an advocacy perspective, our strength is in our numbers. The larger our membership, the more weight our efforts carry with land managers and politicians when we advocate to protect and build trails.

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Singletrack View: You Should Be On a Fat Bike!

by GROC on November 29, 2017

Remember when mountain biking was about having fun and not about being the fastest or the lightest? If you took more than 0.3 seconds to answer that question, then put your current bike on Pinkbike right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


While you’re doing that, let me tell you about why you need to put your current rig on a diet of pure carbs, fat, sugar or whatever the nutritional bogeyman du jour is.


So why should you get a fat bike (if you didn’t jump on the bandwagon over the last 5 years already)?



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WNY Bike Fest 2017 Recap

Posted in Local Events by GROC on June 20, 2017

June 3, 2017 was a glorious day for the WNY Bike Fest.  After having so many successive rainy days it was pure pleasure to get out on bikes on the trails at Dryer Road Park and on the roads around Victor to enjoy the sun and mid-70’s temperatures. The 2017 WNY Bike Fest attracted around 600 people in one day, nearly twice as many as attended the two-day inaugural event in 2016.

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Regarding E-MTB's

Posted in Local Trail News by GROC on June 05, 2017

A note regarding e-MTB's on the trails:

GROC's position on e-MTB's is to defer to the individual land managers to make decisions regarding access to the trails for e-MTB's. Currently, none of the park managers at any GROC parks permit e-MTB's to be used on the trails. With e-MTB's gaining in popularity, it is important for our community to respect the land manager's decisions in this matter. We ask owners of e-MTB's to respect this position, and to use them only on trails where motorized vehicles are permitted.

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IMBA Chapter Program Update

Posted in GROC News by GROC on May 27, 2017

Dear Membership,

After much consideration the GROC board has decided to stay with IMBA for another season. We have set a tentative date to reevaluate the chapter program in a year from now. There are a couple reasons for this, but the main one is that we do not feel that we can feasibly go it alone at this time. Being an independent organization will require more man-power, planning and resources. With the schedule we have in front of us this season and a change of leadership coming (my term is up at the end of the season), it would be difficult for us to consider this as an option. The other reason is that with IMBA's restructuring, the chapter program may become more equitable. So far IMBA has revised the chapter program criteria 3 times in the past 4 months. They are trying to work with chapters, but it remains to be seen how things will ultimately pan out. We would like to give them a chance and see what they do.

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Welcome to the new MYGROC.COM!

Posted in GROC News by GROC on April 27, 2017

Things looking a little different? You're not crazy. Welcome to the new MYGROC.COM!

For this season, we have re-designed our website from the ground up to make it easier for you to find trail information and conditions, upcoming trail crew meetups, and group rides. We have also integrated with MTB Project to provide up-to-date, GPS-capable maps for free on your iOS or Android device! Read on to find out more about the changes.

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Advocacy Action Alert!

Posted in Advocacy by GROC on April 06, 2017

Dear Members,

GROC recently presented a proposal to the Monroe County Parks Advisory Committee outlining the need for a trail that exits the far north end of Tryon Park, offering safe connectivity to Irondequoit Bay Park West. The presentation was clear and concise, but as expected, was met with resistance from a few of the neighbors living near the proposed trail.

GROC needs you, the mountain bike community, to contact local officials in support of the trail. Read on to find out how you can help!

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GROC & IMBA: What IMBA's Restructuring Could Mean for Our Organization

by GROC on March 22, 2017

Dear Members,

IMBA has determined that the current Chapter Program is not economically viable and must be restructured. The reason for this is the loss of Subaru as a sponsor and the very poor chapter retention rate of 51%. Though not all the details are known, the retention rate is most likely due to the 60/40 revenue sharing split in which IMBA receives 60% of membership dues and the chapters receive 40%. For the 60%, IMBA provides numerous services to chapters that help them operate, provide advocacy support at a local level, and representation at the state and federal levels.

For GROC this has been a good partnership, and sharing memberships with IMBA has been a win-win. However, the recent revisions to the Chapter Program needed to make it sustainable may not be in our best interest. The GROC board have been discussing the pros and cons of this newly proposed setup and we want our members to be informed of the situation, to ask questions if you have them, and provide feedback before we make a decision to stick with the program or leave and go our own way.

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Volunteer Recognition: Paul Knerr

Posted in GROC News by GROC on February 28, 2017

GROC would like to thank Paul Knerr, a die-hard trail worker, for all the time and effort he has put into building and maintaining trail this year. Paul does a lot of work at OCP, but is also a regular in the other 3 parks GROC stewards. He has also been a consistent face on the Trails Committee, offering his support and perspective on all things trail related and acting as a right hand man for Peter Landre, Park Manager of Ontario County Park. Paul has received awards from GROC in the past for his great work, but he is truly a volunteer that is vital to our organization’s mission. So, next time you’re out riding, thank Paul, because whatever trail you’re enjoying, his hands have most likely worked on it in some way!

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Dryer Road Park Fundraiser

Posted in GROC News by GROC on February 25, 2017

GROC is running a fundraiser to build a new bike park at Dryer Road! 

As the technology and culture of mountain biking evolves, GROC is committed to supporting great riding experiences -- across all off-road disciplines. This project will help those looking to progress their riding skills by providing a safe, well designed and well constructed facility. By offering a couple different jump lines for different ability levels, riders will be able to refine their technique on features that help inspire confidence and progression.

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December 2016 Volunteer Updates

Posted in GROC News by GROC on December 30, 2016

GROC Advocacy at Work: Connector Trail Update

GROC recently met with a panel of County and Town officials to present the proposal for the Tryon / Bay Park West Connector Trail. The meeting was very productive, with many questions revolving around the placement of the trail in relation to private property, as well as other questions related to concerns residents have expressed to the County. GROC was able to answer all the panel’s questions, and also offered up possible solutions to most concerns. We left the meeting with an action plan that will move the approval process forward and should result in the proposal being brought to the Monroe County Parks Advisory Committee sometime this winter. We will continue to provide updates as more details develop.

2017 Board Position Openings

The 2016 Board of Directors did an awesome job last year carrying out GROC’s mission with new projects and events that helped meet the needs and wants of our membership. As GROC professionalized its operations, increased project capacity, created opportunities and celebrated achievements, support from the greater MTB community grew!

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Singletrack View: Feeling Groovy

by GROC on December 20, 2016

It's an old 60s expression meaning, "It's all good, man," best said while wearing striped bell bottoms and a fringe vest like the one Roger Daltrey wore at Woodstock. And a headband. And it is indeed good to be 'in the groove' when you're killing it on a local trail. But sometimes being "groovy" isn't a good thing. So what's not groovy about being groovy? We've all seen grooves in trails resulting from bike tires have lost the plot on a turn and broken free. Or they can happen when you're coming in hot and you need to scrub speed off in a hurry, so you squeeze the brakes as if you're juicing a lemon. Hey, it happens sometimes. But almost all the time, skidding is avoidable.

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Volunteer Recognition: Ricky Statt

Posted in GROC News by GROC on December 01, 2016

GROC has had some great successes this season and they are all due to volunteers donating their time, talents, and sometimes finances to this organization. To show our appreciation we wanted to start highlighting the awesome work our volunteers have contributed over the season.

To kick things off we would like to highlight Rick Statt, a new volunteer to GROC this year. Ricky has been connected with the Rochester Downhillers group for some time, but he was instrumental in leading the charge in designing the new jump lines that will be coming to Dryer Rd. in the near future (stay tuned, more info on this soon!). We’re thankful that he was willing to put himself out there, not only to advocate for a project he was passionate about, but also to volunteer his time and knowledge into making it happen. Ricky also contributed a great deal to the construction of the new Yellow Trail in Bay Park West, and most recently has been working on a sweet reroute in the North section of Tryon Park.

In our endeavor to create more riding opportunities for advanced riders, Rick has been a valuable resource. BIG THANKS RICK!

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