GROC Genesee Regional Off-Road Cyclists GROC, Genesee Regional Off-Road Cyclists, Find Maps and information about local mountain biking in the Genesee Region, Rochester Mountain Biking,Mountain Biking Parks in Upstate NY Wed, 24 May 2017 02:23:50 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Volunteer Recognition has had some great successes this season and they are all due to volunteers donating their time, talents, and sometimes finances to this organization. To show our appreciation we wanted to start highlighting the awesome work our volunteers have contributed over the season.

To kick things off we would like to highlight Rick Statt, a new volunteer to GROC this year. Ricky has been connected with the Rochester Downhillers group for some time, but he was instrumental in leading the charge in designing the new jump lines that will be coming to Dryer Rd. in the near future (stay tuned, more info on this soon!). We’re thankful that he was willing to put himself out there, not only to advocate for a project he was passionate about, but also to volunteer his time and knowledge into making it happen. Ricky also contributed a great deal to the construction of the new Yellow Trail in Bay Park West, and most recently has been working on a sweet reroute in the North section of Tryon Park.

In our endeavor to create more riding opportunities for advanced riders, Rick has been a valuable resource. BIG THANKS RICK!

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GROC & IMBA: What IMBA's Restructuring Could Mean for Our Organization Dear Members,

IMBA has determined that the current Chapter Program is not economically viable and must be restructured. The reason for this is the loss of Subaru as a sponsor and the very poor chapter retention rate of 51%. Though not all the details are known, the retention rate is most likely due to the 60/40 revenue sharing split in which IMBA receives 60% of membership dues and the chapters receive 40%. For the 60%, IMBA provides numerous services to chapters that help them operate, provide advocacy support at a local level, and representation at the state and federal levels.

For GROC this has been a good partnership, and sharing memberships with IMBA has been a win-win. However, the recent revisions to the Chapter Program needed to make it sustainable may not be in our best interest. The GROC board have been discussing the pros and cons of this newly proposed setup and we want our members to be informed of the situation, to ask questions if you have them, and provide feedback before we make a decision to stick with the program or leave and go our own way.

GROC has relied on IMBA in several key ways. First, IMBA as a professional advocacy organization, has given GROC credibility with local land managers and County/Town officials. Second, they have provided us with membership services which handle all of our membership data, money transactions, communications revolving around membership, and the use of an online membership database which we use for online communications. Third, we have access to a Regional Director who is there to provide support in a wide variety of areas from advocacy to non-profit legalities. For our Chapter, this is what 60% of our membership dues pay for. This roughly equates to $4000 - $5000 per year. Of the 40% that we get, about half goes to paying for our insurance, and the other half pays for tools, materials for trail work, awards, communication expenses, legal expenses, and miscellaneous items associated with events and meetings.

Under the new chapter program IMBA will retain the 60/40 revenue sharing model, increase the base membership fee from $35 to $49, replace Regional Directors with Subject Matter Specialists, and will update membership services software.

Of concern to us is the increased membership fee and how much we are spending for membership services. After some initial research, we now know that these services can be found elsewhere for much cheaper. The catch is that GROC would have to find a “membership coordinator,” a position which may require a stipend in order to make it feasible.

All that said, if we do decide to leave the Chapter Program, GROC will still continue to support IMBA by becoming a supporting organization. This arrangement would cost $500 per year, keep us connected to IMBA to help support the advocacy work they do at the state and national levels, and keep the door open if we ever needed the occasional fee based service/expertise. Under this setup, we would also encourage our membership to join IMBA, separately.

It is also worth noting that GROC does not deem IMBA to be in opposition to our organizational mission or our goals at this time. The decision we are faced with is based on wise use of finances and what will be best for the local riding community.

Finally, for those members considering whether to renew their memberships, we would encourage you to do so if you wish to continue to support IMBA and their efforts. However, if you are only concerned with supporting GROC specifically, we would advise you to hold off on your renewal until further notice. We will be making a decision on this matter in approximately 2 weeks.

Please feel free to contact us with questions and feedback at


Jeff Wright
GROC President

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Singletrack View: Feeling Groovy

It's an old 60s expression meaning, "It's all good, man," best said while wearing striped bell bottoms and a fringe vest like the one Roger Daltrey wore at Woodstock. And a headband. And it is indeed good to be 'in the groove' when you're killing it on a local trail. But sometimes being "groovy" isn't a good thing. So what's not groovy about being groovy? We've all seen grooves in trails resulting from bike tires have lost the plot on a turn and broken free. Or they can happen when you're coming in hot and you need to scrub speed off in a hurry, so you squeeze the brakes as if you're juicing a lemon. Hey, it happens sometimes. But almost all the time, skidding is avoidable.

Skidding can create grooves that can catch rainwater, accelerating erosion and causing damage. And only a rolling tire has traction. Too much groovy-ness can spoil line choices for other riders too. Sure, it was really fun on a Schwinn back in 1978 on your dead-end street, but on our trails these days, it's a reason for someone to point out damage that can be attributed to bikes as an excuse to ban their use. It's up to all of us to roll with some love and preserve our precious local resources, because if we lose access to these places, it'll likely be for good. So kiss those trails—don't rub them the wrong way.

So when you're killing it, sometimes you're killing it for others in the community, so go easy when you have to and strive for some technical prowess and control rather than sheer speed that can result in the dreaded skid. Because dude, that's so uncool. And definitely not groovy. What would Gregg Brady say? 

We need to show the community at large that we, as off-road bikers, care about preserving the trails for all users. Skids are for kids!

See you out there!

Johnny C
Volunteer for a crew. That means you!

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Dryer Road Park Fundraiser GROC is running a fundraiser to build a new bike park at Dryer Road! 

As the technology and culture of mountain biking evolves, GROC is committed to supporting great riding experiences -- across all off-road disciplines. This project will help those looking to progress their riding skills by providing a safe, well designed and well constructed facility. By offering a couple different jump lines for different ability levels, riders will be able to refine their technique on features that help inspire confidence and progression.

GROC is also committed to supporting the next generation by offering push bike riders features to develop their budding skills. The fun push bike track will help create enthusiasm and confidence in young rippers, and possibly inspire a lifelong passion for cycling.

 It's important to note that success with this project will not only inspire riders, but the land managers who offer us opportunities like this. As the GROC community steps up to support projects like these, there will be more and more access and progression!

Fore more information, or to donate, visit the GoFundMe page!

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Park Ave Bike Shop Love Your Trail Work Day Presented by Park Ave Bike Shop, in cooperation with the GROC Trail Crew

WHEN: Saturday, July 30, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.

WHERE: Tryon Park

PURPOSE:  This work party will be have several projects including starting new trail.

WHAT'S ALSO DIFFERENT:  To make it more fun and rewarding, GROC is having one work party at each park that will be sponsored by a bike shop.  PARK AVE BIKE SHOP is generously sponsoring this event on Saturday, 7/30.  So, after we finish working, we will have food and beverages for all the hungry/thirsty trail workers.  And there still is lots of time for riding, too.

OTHER DETAILS:  Wear long sleeves and long pants (mosquitos and ticks), eye protection, work gloves and solid shoes or boots.  Bring water.  Bring clippers or loppers if you are going to be on the pruning crew.  Bring pick, shovel, Lamberton and Rogue hoe if you have them and you are going to work on a trail project.  (No experience needed)

RSVP:  We would greatly appreciate your RSVP here  so that we can know how much food and drink to provide.  Also, when you do respond, please indicate whether you want to prune or do a trail project.  


Jonathan Brown, Mark Dunn
GROC Project Managers, Tryon Park

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Tryon Bike presents: Love Your Trails #4: Ontario County Park Edition #4 of Love Your Trails will be at ONTARIO COUNTY PARK at 9am on Saturday, September 24th and is generously sponsored by our friends at TRYON BIKE. 

At this session of LYT, we'll mostly focus on digging a brand new trail! The design (noted in red below) links the campgrounds with the Green trail and will be an excellent addition to the network. The design is approved and materials are in place. We'll also be painting boardwalks and some other maintenance projects as turnout and weather allows.

After we finish a couple hours of trail work, we'll have a grill going with food and beverages back at the lot. We'll celebrate our work, hang out and there will be group rides going out. 

Please join your friends from TRYON BIKE and GROC to give back to the trails that give us so much...see you there!


What to Bring:

• Flat and Pointed Shovels

• Rogue Hoes

• Lambertons

• Tampers

• Hydration and Trail Food


What to Wear:

• Work Clothes and Gloves

• Eye Protection

• Sturdy Footwear

• Bug Spray (recommended)


RSVP: We greatly appreciate your RSVP, so that we can know how much food and drink to provide. Thanks!

And... SPREAD THE WORD! With YOUR support, the trail riding community will thrive and new riding opportunities will develop. Get involved!

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Advocacy Action Alert! Dear Members,

GROC recently presented a proposal to the Monroe County Parks Advisory Committee outlining the need for a trail that exits the far north end of Tryon Park, offering safe connectivity to Irondequoit Bay Park West. The presentation was clear and concise, but as expected, was met with resistance from a few of the neighbors living near the proposed trail.


1. Take a moment to write a few words in favor of the connector trail – especially those of you that live near the parks! As is the custom with the Monroe County Parks Department, a comment period is being provided for the next three weeks for people to offer their feedback regarding the proposed project. Below are a few points to include when writing:

- The Connector Trail is essential for safety reasons (crossing Empire Blvd is very dangerous)

- With very limited access to shared-use trails, many people like to frequent both parks in a single visit, so a logical option for connectivity is important

- The proposed trail will be entirely built on Monroe County land, is in accordance with town zoning requirements

- Great care has been taken to place the trail in such a way as to make it sustainable, environmentally harmonious with the landscape, and is considerate of the sight lines of neighboring houses

- This project addresses several of the priorities listed in the Ellison Parks Master Plan and is in alignment with Irondequoit’s Active Transportation Plan favoring micro trails and connectivity

2. Send a letter not only to the MC Parks Department, but also to Legislator Joe Morelle. Morelle is the District 17 legislator who is working with the Town of Irondequoit residents living near the proposed connector trail.

3. To significantly improve our chances of being successful, consider writing to your own representative as well.


Contact information for your comments:

Monroe County Parks:

Joseph D. Morelle, Jr., 17th District - Irondequoit:

Complete list of County legislators:


Thanks for your continued support! 

Jeff Wright, GROC President


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Singletrack View: Trail Focus

It's all about focus when you're riding your favorite trail. You focus on what line to take, how to clear the rooted section up ahead, hopping a log feature, attacking a steep uphill—or avoiding a chipmunk. But you also need to focus on a very important aspect of off-road biking: Public Relations. 

Our trails are specified as "multiple use" trails, meaning, well, you can pretty much figure it out. Chances are good that you'll encounter other users who are not on bikes: hikers, dog walkers, bird watchers—dog watchers, etc. We all need to become ambassadors of our sport and welcome other users by slowing down, pulling over, saying hello, chatting for a minute or two, and generally just being friendly. In the past, off-road biking has sometimes gotten a bad rap due to "kids almost running people over," etc. We've all heard stories like that. If you walk the trails, you'll find that those stories are no longer true. Most bikers pull over, say hello, and let you pass. Off-road bikers are not disrespectful "kids" hell bent on running down anything in their path, but a responsible and socially-diverse cross section of who we are in Western New York. We just need to change a few perceptions that are stubbornly sticking to us. There's always Whiteface or Killington if you want to bomb down a trail and be in the zone without thinking of anything else. On our local trails though, it's inevitable that we'll encounter others who are moving slower than us, whether it's slower bikers or other users. We still have some ground to cover on the way to proving we care about our local trails more than anyone else.

So, on your next ride, keep in mind that you're also campaigning. You're the instigator for change and an ambassador of good will for all of us. We all represent each other when we're out there. So have good trail manners, pull over for another user, slow down, smile, say hello, shake some hands, pet a dog or two, and let people know we care about preserving trail use for everyone. A positive image in the mind of the non-biking community will help ensure off-road biking will have a place on our trails for years to come. 

But of course, don't forget to nail that gnarly, rocky, rooted downhill. 

See you out there!

Johnny C
Volunteer for a crew. That means you!

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Spring Membership Drive

Great news! Winter has broken and the 2016 trail season is now upon us!

Genesee Regional Off-Road Cyclists (GROC), your local IMBA chapter, is excited to kick off this year with a bang by continuing to work hard for you, the rider, to build and maintain our incredible local trail network. To achieve our goal of expanding and maintaining our trails, we need YOUR support! If you haven’t yet become a GROC member, or if your membership has lapsed and you are thinking about renewing, right now is the very best time to give a little back to support the trails!

Why is right now the best time to join GROC or renew your membership? Simple: IMBA is sponsoring a membership drive through the end of May. Joining now enters you to win some really great prizes, including riding/camping gear, Jenson USA cash, and even an epic mountain bike trip! This is on top of the great swag you already get for becoming a member and supporting GROC, from discounts at local bike shops, to IMBA gear (free socks!) and a magazine subscription of your choice. Plus, joining now allows you to more directly support GROC, as we have the chance to receive a larger-than-usual percentage of your membership dues during the drive.

As a little incentive, here’s a teaser of some of the great things GROC is up to this year:

  • Trail work parties, including co-sponsored events with area bike shops
  • New trails in multiple parks and a skills area in Bay Park West
  • Social gatherings to connect with friends off the trail
  • Women’s group rides
  • Improved website and communications with our members through social media, newsletters, and videos!
  • GROC articles focusing on local mountain biking issues and interests
  • Tons of advocacy work and opportunities for involvement in decision making that will determine the future riding opportunities in the Genesee Region

We can’t continue to exist without your support. As a rider of the Genesee area trails, please consider supporting the organization that advocates for your right to ride off-road, actively maintains the current trails you get to enjoy, and continues to expand the burgeoning off-road opportunities in the Genesee region! GROC is made of—and exists for—local riders.

Thanks again for your support of better trails for all!

PS. If you would prefer not to join just yet, but still want to enter the contest, you can sign the IMBA Trail Love pledge. To learn more about our local efforts, and keep appraised of all the GROC happenings, join the GROC Trail Crew Meetup page. Your involvement matters!

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Volunteer Recognition: Paul Knerr  

GROC would like to thank Paul Knerr, a die-hard trail worker, for all the time and effort he has put into building and maintaining trail this year. Paul does a lot of work at OCP, but is also a regular in the other 3 parks GROC stewards. He has also been a consistent face on the Trails Committee, offering his support and perspective on all things trail related and acting as a right hand man for Peter Landre, Park Manager of Ontario County Park. Paul has received awards from GROC in the past for his great work, but he is truly a volunteer that is vital to our organization’s mission. So, next time you’re out riding, thank Paul, because whatever trail you’re enjoying, his hands have most likely worked on it in some way!

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