Our organization is supported through amazing volunteers, corporate sponsorships, and  financial contributions from generous donations and membership dollars.  Each year we have a membership drive we are reminded just how important our members are to the work we do. From a financial perspective, the money generated from membership allows GROC to cover its operating expenses.  From an advocacy perspective, our strength is in our numbers. The larger our membership, the more weight our efforts carry with land managers and politicians when we advocate to protect and build trails.

This season GROC is aiming to increase its membership, and in doing so, understand that we will need to convince you that our organization is worthy of support. We are the only organization in the Rochester area that exists to advocate for, support, and promote mountain biking through trail development and education. Beyond this, our organization offers excellent value to our members and has a culture of inclusivity.  

Why you should support us!!


  • We believe in providing access and trails for all levels of riders so that you can have great local places to ride and can take advantage of the benefits mountain biking brings to your wellness.
  • We believe in having fun! We host many different types of events – from group rides to member socials – we regularly have something going on!
  • We have expertise.  Over 13 years, our trail crew have designed, built, and maintained many miles of sustainable shared use trails.
  • We have relationships with local officials, landowners, and park managers to get trail projects approved.  
  • We believe in inclusivity. We actively seek community input on all types of projects, and regularly solicit feedback about the parks we steward.
  • Our memberships pay for themselves. With 10% discounts at supporting bike shops and Singletrack Academy, a $39 membership is easily covered for most riders.

We fill an essential role in mountain biking in Rochester, we have an inclusive and fun culture, we offer significant value to the mountain biking community. Seems like a recipe for a successful organization! If you’re already a member, thanks for your support! If you aren’t, or have allowed your membership to lapse, please consider join or renew today!