Advocacy Action Alert!

Posted in Advocacy by GROC on April 21, 2019

Dear Members,

GROC recently presented a proposal to the Monroe County Parks Advisory Committee outlining the need for a trail that exits the far north end of Tryon Park, offering safe connectivity to Irondequoit Bay Park West. The presentation was clear and concise, but as expected, was met with resistance from a few of the neighbors living near the proposed trail.


1. Take a moment to write a few words in favor of the connector trail – especially those of you that live near the parks! As is the custom with the Monroe County Parks Department, a comment period is being provided for the next three weeks for people to offer their feedback regarding the proposed project. Below are a few points to include when writing:

  • The Connector Trail is essential for safety reasons (crossing Empire Blvd is very dangerous)
  • With very limited access to shared-use trails, many people like to frequent both parks in a single visit, so a logical option for connectivity is important
  • The proposed trail will be entirely built on Monroe County land, is in accordance with town zoning requirements
  • Great care has been taken to place the trail in such a way as to make it sustainable, environmentally harmonious with the landscape, and is considerate of the sight lines of neighboring houses
  • This project addresses several of the priorities listed in the Ellison Parks Master Plan and is in alignment with Irondequoit’s Active Transportation Plan favoring micro trails and connectivity

2. Send a letter not only to the MC Parks Department, but also to Legislator Joe Morelle. Morelle is the District 17 legislator who is working with the Town of Irondequoit residents living near the proposed connector trail.

3. To significantly improve our chances of being successful, consider writing to your own representative as well.


Contact information for your comments:

Monroe County Parks:

Joseph D. Morelle, Jr., 17th District - Irondequoit:

Complete list of County legislators:


Thanks for your continued support! 

Jeff Wright, GROC President