Dryer Road Park Update

Posted in Local Trail News by Admin on April 21, 2019

Dryer Road Pump Track Update - What's going on?


First; I would like to thank the volunteers who made the pump track possible toward the end of last season.  Second; I would like to provide a status of where we are today. 


Soon after our Pump Track "soft" opening in September I picked a day to cover the track for the winter season. The date chosen was based on the past 3 seasons of doing a Thanksgiving Family ride the weekend following turkey day WITHOUT SNOW. Starting in October and not ending until snow fell it rained and rained and rained and I found it difficult to find a "dry time" to cover the track. The alternative would have been to attempt to cover the track in the mud leaving footprints and providing dangerous conditions for the volunteers on the steep smooth wet terrain. 


Once the snow fell I decided to get the covers on it while frozen, even a little snow covered, and this was dangerous but it was accomplished after we all "took falls" trying to take the tarps across the entire track. Applying tarps is the easy part, securing it with some weighted objects are difficult.  With the east ditch not being filled in yet we had no permanent way to hold the tarp ends so we debated sand bags, rocks, and finally the town said they had old tires to utilize. We applied 40 tires across 8-10 tarps and reclosed the fencing. The next weekend a wind storm removed ALL the tarps and rolled them up against the fence. The town removed the tarps to their shop to thaw and dry out for a future attempt. They are gathering more tires.


At this time with the ground frozen the town is finalizing the east ditch and other landscape items to create natural barriers for the track. Although the track being uncovered IS NOT IDEAL we are learning as to the best means to close the track in the future. All in all the surface with the "glue" is holding up and draining well through the winter.


As the weather allows in the spring there will be maintenance parties called to verify the surface viability and get it open. Stay tuned.


Thank you,


DRP Trails Steward

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