Dryer Road Pump Track Is COMPLETE!

Posted in GROC News by Jeff on April 21, 2019

After months of construction, GROC has finished the new pump track at Dryer Road Park, and it is a work of dirt art! On 9/14 we had our first track jam and it was a hit with riders of all ages, from young to (kinda) old, there were tons of smiles!


This track required a community effort to bring it to fruition.  It was a major project and several local businesses stepped up to partner with GROC;  without them, this project would never have happened. We would like to thank REI for supporting us with a generous grant, Victor Excavating & Landscape for donating heavy equipment and giving us a huge discount on dirt, Admar Construction for donating heavy equipment, the Town of Victor & Brian Emelson for giving us permission to build the track and for contributing materials, to Jim Martinez for designing and guiding construction, to Truth Collective for creating signage, and last, but absolutely not least, the volunteers that spent their summer building the track!


The pump track and jump lines represent the largest project we have completed to date. We need your help in maintaining and caring for it. Some safety precautions and some simple rules will help ensure we can enjoy these new features for years to come.


Track Rules

  • Bikes only on the track, no motorized vehicles, or radio controlled toys allowed.

  • Do not ride the track in the rain, or when the riding surface is soft.

  • The tracks are directional. The beginner loop is ridden clockwise and the intermediate / advanced loop is ridden counter-clockwise.

  • Beginner pump track riders should stay on the beginner loop until they can ride it without pedalling.

  • Modifications to the track are not allowed.


Safety Precautions


  • Helmets are mandatory, pads are recommended.

  • Watch for other users and be respectful. Ride within your limits at all times.

  • Children should be supervised at all times.

  • Children are not allowed to play anywhere on the track.

  • Walking on the track is only permitted to assist children in the beginner loop.

  • Ride at your own risk.


As we wait on our signage to be completed, please help us spread the word. And, be sure to get out there and try the track, it’s a blast to ride!


If you are interested in some techniques for successfully riding the track, check out this video.