GROC Little Rippers Youth Group Ride

by GROC on April 21, 2019

Little Rippers are rolling into GROC!

We're stoked to announce the start of GROC's Little Rippers group rides. The Little Rippers are a group of 7+ year old kids in the area who have been getting together to ride MTB's once a week for the last couple years. We've been having a great time out on the local trails watching the kids get better and more confident every week. Starting on June 12 the ride is going to be open to everyone!

This spring the ride is on Tuesday evenings at Dryer Road Park in victor starting at 5:30pm. Please get there 10 or 15 minutes early to get unloaded, ready, and to meet the gang. We'll post the ride and keep its status on the GROC Trail Rides Meetup group and the GROC Trail Rides Facebook group.

Depending on how many kids show up and what the skill range is we will split un into 2, 3 or more groups and head out onto the trails until about 7:00pm for lots of ripping, obstacle conquering, smack talk and the occasional dirt burger.

 In order to keep things rolling smoothly we've got a few ground rules.

  1. Every child must be accompanied at all times by a parent to guardian on a bike who is responsible for their safety and behavior. No one can judge if a trail is OK for your child better than you can. Fit parents of the Little Rippers who need a little more help may elect to run.
  2. New participants (and parents) have been to Dryer Road Park in advance and ridden around enough to know which class (Pump Track, Green, Blue, or Black) of trails they are comfortable riding.
  3. Everyone signs GROC's liability waiver
  4. Come with a quality mountain bike in good working order and a helmet.
  5. Keep a good attitude, encourage each other, pedal hard and have fun!


Check out our event pages for more details:

Facebook: GROC Little Rippers Group Ride

Meet Up: GROC Little Rippers Group Ride