November Advocacy Alert!

Posted in Advocacy by Admin on March 21, 2019

Advocacy alert! There are three upcoming public meetings we are encouraging GROC members to show support at this November.


1. Shadow Pines Public Meeting – 11/13


Would you like to see shared-use trails in Penfield? The Shadow Pines Land Use Advisory Committee is seeking public input regarding future use(s) of land formerly known as the Shadow Pines Golf Course.


This land has potential for beginner and intermediate mountain bike trails, but the Town must know that there is interest from the mountain bike community for it to be considered for this purpose. Let's come together to show the Town and committee that there is demand for shared-use trails at Shadow Pines!


A public input session is planned for Tuesday, 11/13, at 7pm in the Penfield town hall auditorium. The public will have an opportunity to present ideas and suggestions for land use(s) to the committee for its consideration. If you are a Penfield resident, you can submit written input to the Shadow Pines Land Use Advisory Committee here:


2. Monroe County Parks Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting – 11/15


GROC will be presenting and answering questions regarding the Northwest Access Trail Proposal (Version 4) at the Monroe County PAC November meeting. The proposal outlines a design for a trail that will connect the trail network of Tryon Park to the northwest boundary of the park. The trail will offer residents of the Thurlow neighborhood access to the park and trail users safe connectivity to Irondequoit Bay Park West. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 11/15 at 4pm at the Olmsted Lodge in Highland Park.


3. Penfield Parks & Recreation Master Plan Meeting – 11/29


Penfield Recreation and the 2018 Master Plan Committee is holding a Public Input Forum on Thursday, 11/29 at 7:15pm at the Penfield Community Center.  This is an opportunity for the mountain bike community to voice its opinion about what they would like to see for the future of trails and bike related infrastructure in the Town of Penfield.


If you are a Penfield resident, you can take a survey regarding the Town of Penfield's recreation opportunities:  For question #8, be sure to select “Bicycling.”



We encourage GROC members to show support and respectfully represent the biking community at these meetings. Remember- there is strength in numbers!