Regarding E-MTB's

Posted in Local Trail News by GROC on March 21, 2019

A note regarding e-MTB's on the trails:

GROC's position on e-MTB's is to defer to the individual land managers to make decisions regarding access to the trails for e-MTB's. Currently, none of the park managers at any GROC parks permit e-MTB's to be used on the trails. With e-MTB's gaining in popularity, it is important for our community to respect the land manager's decisions in this matter. We ask owners of e-MTB's to respect this position, and to use them only on trails where motorized vehicles are permitted.

We will inform the community if any of the land managers change this policy, but for now, please DO NOT take e-MTB's out on the singletrack trails in the parks, under any circumstances. Through miscommunication, e-MTB demos did occur at Dryer Road during WNY Bike Fest. This DOES NOT mean they are now allowed on the trails, and should not be taken as a sign of approval for e-MTB's at Dryer.

Please respect the land manager's wishes in this matter. This is not a space to argue the merits of e-MTB's, we are just communicating the land manager's wishes. Thank you!