WNY Bike Fest 2017 Recap

Posted in Local Events by GROC on March 21, 2019

June 3, 2017 was a glorious day for the WNY Bike Fest.  After having so many successive rainy days it was pure pleasure to get out on bikes on the trails at Dryer Road Park and on the roads around Victor to enjoy the sun and mid-70’s temperatures. The 2017 WNY Bike Fest attracted around 600 people in one day, nearly twice as many as attended the two-day inaugural event in 2016.

The Fest is an all-volunteer event and a big thank you goes to Rochester Bicycling Club, Huggers Ski Club, Genesee Regional Off-road Cyclists and the National Mountain Bike Patrol for their presence at the Fest. The organizations tent staffs were managed by:

  • The GROC Board of Directors, with particular thanks to Paul Moszak and Jeff Wright

  • Paul Knerr from RBC who mustered a full and enthusiastic crew for the day

  • Sue Quackenbush for the Huggers whose colorful tent (and wonder woman life-size cutout!) once again was the most colorful and creative tent at the Fest.

GROC’s mission is to create and maintain trails - not organize or lead rides - and yet they were able to pull together ride leaders for the led MTB rides, which were very well attended. Most of the MTB ride leaders are members of GROC and the National Mountain Bike Patrol.  All of the road ride leaders, as well as many of the volunteers at the registration tent and the raffle tents, are current Huggers and RBC members. It was truly a community effort!

Thanks go to our enormously creative image volunteers: photographer Marty Nott and videographer Hanna Boriello.

There were five demo rigs at the Fest and a nearly finished “jumpline" that attracted MtB riders. Demo rig operators were very happy with the turnout and reported a combined nearly 300 demo bikes lent for rides.  Most other bikers came for the fun and celebratory nature of the Fest - the music, the food trucks, and the vendor tents. There were families, individuals and couples taking in the day at Dryer Road Park. The clinics, led by Leslee Schenck Trzcinski, Bob Lechner and Jeff Wright were well received by attendees. There will be an ongoing effort to engage more road riders, and any suggestions for activities during the Fest are most welcomed. Please post your comments and suggestions at Facebook.com/WNYBikeFest/ or email them to Cindyf1216@gmail.com. Post-event surveys are being developed to capture ideas as well. 

Additional photos, an event video and final total of money raised for R Community Bikes will be available soon.

Again, thanks to all for a wonderful turnout and successful 2017 Western NY Bike Festival.

Volunteers included:

Christine Votel Sheffer, Steve Kofron and Pam Rogers for their successful publicity

Bob Lechner who, for a second year, laid out the field on Friday and was there at the crack of dawn on Saturday to stake the field and guide the vendors to their sites

Wayne Scheuing who, for a second year, coordinated the road rides

Paul Moszak who coordinated the MtB rides and GROC tent volunteers including Cole Moszak, Tanner Moszak, Andie Moszak and Eleni Kozacos.

Steve Wowkowych who organized the oversight of the National Mountain Bike Patrol

Karen Bishop Newman who managed the raffle all day

Paul Knerr who acted as the liaison with RBC and coordinated the RBC tent volunteers including Daniel Burge, Dave Dana, Ed Hansen, Doug Johnston, Kathie Langer-Nawrocki, Diane Mohney,  Pete Ragonese and Hank Walck

Bonnie MacLean - liaison to Huggers

Jeff Wright - liaison to GROC and GROC tent volunteers

Sue Quackenbush who organized the Huggers tent.  Tent volunteers included: Mark Stephens, Carol Zimmer, Dotty Lovell, Sheila Yerdon and Iris Raiman

A special shout out to Mark Frank who ran the slow race, lead bike rides and was just an all-around fantastic helper

Marty Nott - photographer

Hannah Borriello - videographer

Ontario County Deputy Bob Holland who stayed for the entire day and has offered to organize the Bike Rodeo next year

Scott Page who’s tireless work for the biking community never fails to impress

Les Eisenberg whose joy for biking, great humor and constant support is always a lift.

Andy August for encouraging not just one rig participation, but three!

Our ride leaders, raffle tent volunteers, set-up people, clinic leaders and registration volunteers:
Alex Parsons
Alexa Harding
Alice Carver-Kubik
Andi Preston Balland
Ann Ahrens Spargo
Beth Taylor Johnson
Bob Lechner
Bob Spreter
Brian Dahl
Christine Votel Sheffer
Chuck House
Cole Moszak
Danielle Ohlson
Dave Canning
David Wilkins
Eddie Eckert
Eileen Scahill Mazzo
Jamie Allen
Jason Urkfitz
Jeff Finewood
Jeff Wright
Jess Geiger
Jim DeWitt
John Reily
Karen Bishop Newman
Kathie Langer-Nawrocki
Kathy Ruisi
Keith Buddendeck
Kim Waldman Page
Lauren O'Neill
Leslee Schenk Trzcinski
Linda Lechner
Lynda Bowen
Mark Bowen
Mark Frank
Mark Mazzo
Patsy McBride
Penelope Pankow and her sister
Steve Frattare
Steve Wowkowych
Tammy Scheuing
Tanner Moszak
Tim Sheffer
Tom Palmer
Veronica Benzing
Wayne Scheuing
Whitey Link

Event Director, Cindy Fleischer