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Trail Management

GROC an inclusive community designing, building, riding and maintaining sustainable multiple-use trails

GROC  and it's Members are the stewards of Dryer Road and Ontario County Parks

Multiple-Use Trail systems and are working with the towns in the greater Genesee region to help bring the same philosophy and support to more of our park lands.  

become a member and get involved! 

We've taken a lot of pride in creating and providing this recreational resource to the general public. We hope that with the success of this venue that more communities open their doors, parks and land to multiple-use trail systems and be more inclusive instead of exclusive.  It is so easy to think that your impact won't affect the trails, but remember that there are a lot of users on the trails.  Suddenly each "off trail track" or "cut through" adds up to epic decline of the trails intent.  Please read on about trail ethics.  This will help us spread the word and take care of these great trails.

Please remember we're guests.  Ride with respect.

Trail Ethics....  Caring for the landYes, trails may be viewed as paths of destruction in the great environments that they bring us to and through.  So how do we use these trails and not wreck the places we love?  We keep this destruction confined to singletrack trails.
The first and best ethic is to "stay on the trail."  Going off trail to by-pass an object, cutting a switchback or taking a short cut are detrimental to the trail system as well as the environment we recreate in.

"Ride, don't slide."  Skidding destroys the trail surface and leads to major erosion, i.e. good braking doesn't skid and you also stop better.  Novel concept, huh?

"Use and ride like a guest." Anyone who visited your home and would cut down a tree, throw trash in your yard, cut through your garden and generally be unfriendly, disrespectful, and messy would never get asked back.  Get the picture?  Remember we're all guests,  so we should act like one.

"Be extra cool and friendly."  Always yield first.  Take that extra step to acknowledge other users and be nice to everyone.  Spread good karma, be an advocate and a role model.  We need more places to ride!

Riding the Line...... keep singletrack single

The greatest adverse impacts to off-trail riding come from people who think that they're "fast".  We all love the feeling of speed and having our tires leave the ground, but ride with the mind set that your tires should never leave the ground.  If you want to get air or learn how to go over obstacles, utilize the skills area.  That's what its there for.  The concept of being "fast" but unable to stay on the trail and control your bike or riding around an obstacle is not what it's all about.  Riding the "line" is what it is all about.  If you need an easier or faster way road bikes are faster and there are fewer obstacles.  The bottom line is ride the trail the way it was built.


  1. Even when yielding, don't ride off the track; stop and step to the side.
  2. Don't cut corners or go off track to avoid obstacles or bumps, carry over.
  3. Ride the line! You won't get better if you ride around obstacles.
  4. Choose/ride trails that challenge you but are within your ability.
  5. If you go off track, cover or kick out your track, maybe you followed the guy's track who
  6. didn't. Don't be lead or led someone astray.
  7. Kick or cover the guy's track that you just follow of trail.
  8. Educate and set an example. We need to spread the word.


Learn More About Sustainable trails from the International Mountain Biking Association




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